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Wellness Check: Push your limits with a CrossFit workout

In this week’s Wellness Check, 3 News Now anchor Vanessa Villafuerte checks out a CrossFit gym that might inspire others to give the fitness program a try.

"It's like an adult happy hour,” Stacie Tovar, Co-Owner of Big Omaha Fitness said. “It's literally like an adult recess. You come in, you make new friends, you meet new friends, you meet new people, you throw down, you high five afterwards, you all sweat together, you talk about how awesome it was and you just leave feeling so much better."

For Tovar, fitness has always played a big role in her life.

As a former college athlete, she said it seemed fitting to give CrossFit a try. Since taking that leap, she’s never looked back. Stacie and her husband, Dustin Tovar, opened Big Omaha Fitness out of their passion for the fitness program. And for those not ready to give CrossFit a try, they offer a variety of other programs.



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