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Stacie Tovar Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional Lifestyle

What to Expect

Private Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching

Do you desire some extra accountability on your wellness journey? Partner one-on-one with a coach for six weeks while you learn to fuel your body and create healthy habits around nutrition.


Program structure and benefits:

  • One free goal-setting session — with zero pressure to sign up!

  • Pre-program meeting to explore your goals and record measurements and photos

  • Weekly wellness meetings to check in on your progress, setbacks, and overall well-being

  • Daily food, water intake, sleep quality, and lifestyle logs

  • Face-to-face meetings at the gym

Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook

Coach Stacie created a sustainable approach to nutrition, and she and her team can't wait to share it with you! Learn healthy habits in the kitchen that translate to weight loss, gains in the gym, and whole-life transformation.


All new and existing Big O Fitness, CrossFit Omaha, and Open Gym athletes will receive a FREE,  Go Far Nutritional Lifestyle workbook download in their “WELCOME” emails.

​The Nutritional Lifestyle will help you:

  • Choose your food

  • Prep your meals

  • Balance your plate

  • Move your body

  • Manage stress, rest, and sleep

  • Connect with your people

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