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Crossfit Class Fitness Omaha
Weightlifting Crossfit Workout

CrossFit Omaha

What to Expect

Voted Best of Omaha six years in a row, CrossFit Omaha is our flagship program featuring high-intensity workouts with maximum variety and real results.


Each class combines functional movements from gymnastics, weightlifting, and endurance training for a fun, fast-paced 60 minutes.

Core Body

Gymnastics skills and pure core work are the sole focus of this powerful 60-minute class. You’ll feel the burn and reap the benefits. Available to CrossFit Omaha athletes every Thursday.


Want to gain strength and command of the barbell? Access three days of extra programming to optimize your olympic weightlifting — including a coach-led class every Thursday at 5:30 PM. Complete the other two days of work at your convenience at home or during open gym. Big O Strength runs in 8-week cycles.


Improve your raw functional strength and explore the sport of Strongman. Each class introduces a different movement and emphasizes proper mechanics, weight, and technique for your safety. Mix up your training routine and leave feeling amazed at what you can do! Movements include:

Open Gym
  • Rowing

  • Biking

  • Running

  • Jump rope

  • Barbells

  • Boxes

  • Dumbbells

  • Wall balls

  • Kettlebells

  • Rings

  • Rig & Ropes

  • Bodyweight

  • Rings

  • Bodyweight

  • Medicine ball

  • Kettlebells

  • Boxes

  • Presses

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Bands

  • Bodyweight 

  • Accessory Work 

  • Snatch

  • Clean and Jerk

  • Olympic Lifting Drills

  • Squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Axle bar deadlift

  • Axle bar clean and press

  • Farmer’s carry

  • Sandbag/D-ball ground to shoulder

  • Single arm heavy dumbbell press

  • Sled drag and push/pull

  • Yoke carry

Do it your way, on your time, during our dedicated Open Gym hours.

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