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Corporate Fitness Program
Business Health Program Workout

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness is a wellness offering for local businesses and their employees. Perfect for any organization looking to improve company health benefits and employee morale, this wellness package offers Big Omaha Fitness memberships at a reduced rate for four employees more. 

Interested in a private group-fitness class at Big Omaha Fitness or recurring group-fitness classes exclusively for your employees or clients? We can do that, too!


Together we can make a significant impact on the health of your business.

We proudly serve the following organizations:


“The cost per employee is minimal compared to the impact you’ll have on your employees’ lives, their families, and your business.”

Corporate Health and Nutrition Education

This Corporate Health and Nutrition Education Program is aimed at helping companies improve the quality of their employees’ lives, while reducing the cost of health insurance expenses and other illness related losses like sick leave.

This nutrition and lifestyle education program has been tested and proven through alliances with hospitals, doctors, gyms, schools, and nutrition coaches. In addition to two nutrition courses (authored with registered dietitians- the adult course credentialed through the University of Nebraska at Kearney), it comes complete with interactive educational tools, campaigns, and materials, as wells as quarterly seminars, personal coaching, custom nutrition plans, body composition analysis, transformation challenges, and so much more, including personalized company branding. 

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