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Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call with Dr. Vince Van Haute to see if his services are a right fit for you!

  • 30 min
  • Frederick Street

Service Description

*Please note that a free 30 minute discovery call is recommended prior to booking your initial evaluation and treatments to ensure patient understanding of services being provided and all costs associated. My name is Vince and I am the owner and founder of Forward Physical Therapy + Performance ( As an active adult myself, I understand the importance of maintaining a fitness routine, and how frustrating it can be when pain or injury stops you from staying fit and performing basic day to day tasks. Forward Physical Therapy + Performance began out of a desire to truly help active individuals overcome pain and improve their performance. My approach to health and wellness is centered on personalized care, effective hands-on interventions, and long-term solutions. With over 8 years of experience working as a physical therapist and personal trainer, I have extensive training and experience treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction. As both a doctor of physical therapy and a previous patient myself, I have felt and lived the typical “physical therapy” experience. This included short, double booked appointments with a burnt out clinician and a frustrated patient going through the same, monotonous exercises without the individualized, hands-on guidance that long lasting outcomes thrive on. Deep down, I knew active adults dealing with musculoskeletal pain and performance deficits deserved better. My process is simple: Step 1: RESET your system by finding root cause of the pain, addressing it with powerful interventions, and empowering you with self-treatment tools along the way Step 2: RESTORE your system by going through a comprehensive movement assessment in order to pinpoint your specific mobility and strength deficits and begin addressing these areas that are hindering your performance and well-being. Step 3: RELOAD your system in order to get you fully back to your goal activities and performing better than ever. I have found that this effective 3-step process requires 1-on-1 personalized treatment sessions with a performance-trained doctor of physical therapy focused on your specific limitations and goals. As an active adult myself understanding the importance of maintaining a regular movement practice, it is my mission is to continue changing the lives of active adults by providing a performance-based physical therapy experience unlike any other.

Contact Details

  • 8529 Frederick Street, Omaha, NE, USA

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