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Performance-Based Physical Therapy

We’re honored to partner with Forward Physical Therapy + Performance. Get convenient access to certified professionals and powerful tools to help you stay healthy, happy, and whole.


Dr. Vince Van Haute, founder of Forward Physical Therapy + Performance, along with Dr. Anna Seibel provide a fitness-forward approach to help you maximize your active lifestyle.

Reduce Your Pain

  • Work 1-on-1 with a doctorate-trained physical therapist utilizing effective pain-reducing tools

  • Understand specific movement modifications to keep you active in the gym so you can do the things you like while respecting your pain and performance-related goals

Address the Root Causes

  • Gain clarity around the root contributors around your pain with a movement assessment

  • Begin an active approach to recovery, finding safe movement patterns that relate directly to your goals

  • Receive a continuously updated exercise program specific to your pain and goals

Perform at Your Best

  • Address multiple performance deficits

  • Gain knowledge of your body so that you can have the tools for healthy movement and mobility long term

  • Optimize movement and see long term relief to help build resiliency and reach peak performance

Forward Physical Therapy + Performance is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, personalized care that not only alleviates your pain today but also empowers you with the strength and confidence to enjoy a healthier, more active tomorrow.


Nutrition Coaching

Are you choosing the best foods to fuel your mind and body? A nutrition coach can help eliminate the guesswork and take you farther than you can go alone.


Meet one-on-one with a coach to talk about your goals and how to build healthy habits that last beyond the latest diet fad.

Get started with a FREE InBody body composition analysis.

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